Sunday, October 27, 2013

Condor Exo Plate Carrier (XPC) Review

The rise in body armor among the civilian population has been trending upward the last several years due to a variety of factors--economic fears, lower cost of armor (especially soft panels and steel plates), and a better understanding of the capabilities of these systems have all helped in the proliferation of civilian owned/used body armor.

Most plate carriers or body armor systems on the market are marketed toward the military/LE community however; the features and prices reflect it as well.    One offering out now on the lower end of the cost spectrum is the Condor XPC.   It comes to market around $60-90 and claims to offer some of the features of the top notch offerings out there so I snatched one up to see if it's true.

-Cost.  It's probably going to be the driving factor for most folks looking at this rig.
-It can be used with just soft armor, plates, or a combination of the two.
-Available in black, tan, OD green, and multicam.
-Hook and loop sections on the front and back for nametapes, patches, ect...  These sections can still be used with MOLLE compatible accessories.
-Fully adjustable cumberbun.
-Did much better in my drag test that I expected honestly.
-Adjustable shoulder straps.
-Shoulder strap padding is better than some of Condor's previous offerings that I've seen.
-Comes in S/M (takes 10x12.5'' plates) and L/XL (takes 10.5x14.5'' plates)

-I'm not a fan of the mesh interior lining.  They say it's for cooling but I'd prefer some normal cordura for increased durability.
-The hydration tube loops seem like they don't integrate well into the design.  I'd like to see them redesigned.
-There is a map pouch in the front.  It doesn't fold down like many other carriers though.  That's probably just a personal preference thing however.
-I have a bunch of plate carriers; the stitching on this isn't as heavy as some of my high end carriers--no doubt about it.  But, for most non-military folks it'll likely hold up just fine.   Time will tell I suppose.

Here's a review/overview video with some shooting, a drag test, a discussion of the features of the carrier, and just my thoughts on it overall:

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