Saturday, November 10, 2012

Magpul MagLink Review

I've tried a few mag couplers over the years and my favorite to date is the Magpul MagLink.   Here's what I've found while using it over the last few months:

-Durable.   This mag coupler has held up to banging around in my range bag, swapping mags many times, and all the shooting I can dish out to it without missing a beat.
-USA made
-For those living in states that don't respect The Constitution with their magazine capacity limits, it gives you a way to have an extra mag at the ready.
-Works with both the MOE Pmag and the GEN M3 Pmags
-Easy to put together
-Can be configured in a couple ways so it doesn't interfere with manipulating the controls of the AR for both right and left handed ARs
-Very lightweight
-Cost.  I picked it up for $14.95 shipped

-Weight.  Having 60 rounds hanging from your rifle increases the weight; not getting around that.
-Some people that have used it think changing mags is awkward.  I haven't found that but your mileage may vary....

Here's a video with some shooting, mag changes, and a discussion of the products hits and misses:

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