Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kahr CM9 Review

Single stack, lightweight, pocketable 9mm guns seem to be the hot selling guns this year as concealed carry continues to becomes increasing popular.   I've owned the Karh CM9 since mid 2011 and here's what I've found...

-100% reliable through over 800 rounds of all types
-Cost.  The gun can be had for under $400 most places
-Trigger.  It's very smooth and breaks crisply
-Size.  The gun is 'pocketable' in most outfits (5.42'' long, 4'' high, 0.9'' wide)
-Uses the proven 'Browning type' recoil lug 
-Easy disassembly/maintenance/reassembly 
-7 round mags are available (flush 6 rounder comes from factory)
-Lots of holster options available
-I like 'straight-8' type sights for fast close range defensive shooting
-Lightweight.  Only weighs 14oz empty

-The gun moved around a little under rapid fire when hands are wet (re: sweaty).  I fixed this with the Talon grips however
-The gun doesn't feel as 'solid' as the Shield or PPS.  That said, it's never failed so I can't say it impacts performance
-The trigger reset is too long in my opinion
-Only comes with one magazine
-Kahr recommends (as do I based on experience) that you use the slide release to reload the gun.  I've found rounds can hang up if you try slingshotting it.  Since I typically use the slingshot method, this required a conscious thought on my part at first
-All small/pocket guns are more difficult to shoot well vs. larger firearms so it's certainly not a gun you're going to win many competitions with

Below is a video of me shooting the gun on some steel, a demonstration of disassembly/reassembly, a side by side size comparison with the Shield, Glock 26, and the Bodyguard 380:

All in all, if you're looking for a pocket 9mm at a reasonable price, the CM9 should be on your list of contenders.  It's reliable and (for its' size) is a very shootable gun.   It seems to have gotten past the reliability issues that were reported when it first came out.  

Chrono numbers:

Winchester Ranger 115gr JHP: 968fps, 239 ft/lbs energy
Federal HST 124gr JHP: 1014 fps, 283 ft/lbs energy
Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP: 1053, 305 ft/lbs energy

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