Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cleaning your gun after shooting corrosive ammo

Pretty much every time I show up at a range with a gun chambered in 5.45x39, someone makes a comment about how they'd 'never put corrosive ammo in their gun...'   Well great--less demand and more for me!   But for those who are on the fence about it, here's how I clean my guns afterward to ensure no damage to my rifles from the corrosive salts.

1. Rinse out the gun with water (I use 1:5 ballistol to water mix) at the range.
2. Strip the gun down and put all the small parts into some hot soapy water.  Spray receiver, gas block, chamber, and muzzle of the gun again with water (I use the ballistol mix for this as well).
3. Dry gun; either by wiping off or with an air compressor.
4. Clean and lubricate as normal.
5. Inspect the rifle in 2-7 days for any signs of rust.    Done.

Here's a video demonstration that hopefully clarifies some of the points and can serve as a how-to guide for those new to the process:


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